A new global initiative developing the potential of the


7 - 9 NOV 2023

Fira Barcelona · Gran Via Venue

Tomorrow.Blue Economy is the new global summit dedicated to promoting and developing the potential of the Blue Economy. It has celebrated its first edition within the framework of Smart City Expo World Congress 2022.

The potential for our oceans is vast, but years of exploitation have left them devastated. The Blue Economy provides a holistic alternative to existing models, promoting sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth that can equally improve the health of ocean ecosystems.

Tomorrow.Blue Economy (7-9 November 2023, Barcelona) will gather national and international experts on the blue economy and the sectors that make it up, showcasing the interrelation between environment, society and economy through an interdisciplinary focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, education, technology and collaboration.

of the world’s surface is water

4.45 million
employed in EU Blue Economy sectors

€667.2 billion
turnover in 2019

€183.9 billion
in gross value added in 2019

Tomorrow.Blue Economy

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Take a look back at TOMORROW.BLUE ECONOMY

Our very first edition was a great success! You can now review talks and sessions at Tomorrow.City.


Global experts from industries including renewable energies, tourism, fisheries and maritime transport who shared their views and insights.

Pau Solanilla

Commissioner for City Promotion, Barcelona City Council

Gunter Pauli

Entrepreneur, Economist and Author of The Blue Economy

Grant Dalton

Director, Emirates Team New Zealand & 2024 America’s Cup Organizer

Leslie Ryan

Event Director, 37th America's Cup

Emily Penn

Co-Founder and Mission Director, eXXpedition

Maria Cristina Pedicchio

President, Maritime Technology Cluster of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

Natalia Olson

Plug and Play Tech Center

Paolo Tedone

Business Development Director, Offshore & EU, ECOncrete

Juliette Lassman

Policy Analyst, OECD

Emma Cobos

Director of Innovation and Business Strategy, Port de Barcelona

Noelia Ortega

CEO, Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CNT)

Ignasi Armengol

Managing Director, Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica

Josep Lluis Pelegrí

Oceanographer, Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC

Marco Mendoza

CEO & Founder, Trueworld

Anna Lloveras

Co-Founder, Ocean Ecostructures

Raúl González

Co-Director of R+D, Algabrava

Jorge Santamaría

Co-Founder and Co-Director of R+D+i, Algabrava

Santi Mier

CEO, Ocean52

Olga Cerezo

Director, Port Olímpic de Barcelona - Barcelona de Serveis Municipals

Ignasi Ferrer

Founder & CEO, Seastainable Ventures

Jordi Oliva

Co-Founder, Good Karma Projects

Ping Manongdo

Country Manager, Philippines and Partnerships Manager, SEA and EU, Eco-Business

Laia Romero

Managing Director, Lobelia

Manuel Antonio González del Valle

Environment area, G2G Algae solutions

Sergi Vicente

Director, Betevé

Natalie Swan

Business Development Manager for Conservation, Nature Metrics

Sara Sans

Head of Section, Vivir, La Vanguardia

Anna Majó

Business Innovation Director, Barcelona Activa

Ugo Valenti

Director, Smart City Expo World Congress

Mons Badia

President, Association of Environmental Scientists of Catalonia (COAMB)

With unprecedented political, economic and climate challenges on the horizon, the need to accelerate the green transition grows only more imperative.

This is perhaps particularly true of Blue Economy sectors, which are fully intertwined with the natural environment.

Tomorrow.Blue Economy aims to bring together those with the insights and experience to advance this essential sector. The 2022 program provided full focus on three key areas of action: Blue Economic Activity, Marine Environmental Challenges, and Openness to Civil Society.

Within the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress, Tomorrow.Blue Economy was held in Barcelona, a city whose blue economy sectors employ 15,000 people and generates an annual turnover of €3.75 billion – an ideal location to connect with sector experts and soak up the wealth of knowledge on offer.

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